Mother's day 2020

Hello Rock Harbor,

We want to help you make Mother's Day 2020 the best day possible for all the ladies of our church this year.

There are a number of surprises we have planned so please help keep it a surprise

The first one we need your help for!

We want to make a, "Mom, I love you becuase..." Video for all the ladies in the church regardless of their age.  So whether your kids are grown or small we'd love to include them in the video that we will share on YouTube, Facebook & during our Mother's Day 'Rock Harbor from Home' worship experience.

Here is a great example of the type of video we are going to make:

Use the below Drive Uploader to get your video directly to our Google Drive by Thursday, May 7: 
(no need to edit the video & a phone would be a great way to record):

Later this week we will be working with teams to deliver a gift from Rock Harbor for every lady in the church.  It is a RHFL Cooling Towel (like these) with a tag fun tag like 'You've earned the sweat this year.'

If you have young children in your home we will be sending this craft for each child to make to go along with the video.  

Hopefully this helps make your Mother's Day prep actually a little easier.

It will be great to see the church coming 'together' more as we are making every plan possible to actually be together again soon.

Any questions you can call/text me (321) 312-1133 or email me at


Pastor Kevin