The Seder Meal is first written in Exodus 12 & 13 as a way of remembering what God did to bring His people, the Jews, out of Slavery in Egypt and to the Promised Land.  Also know as the Passover Meal it looked back on the Exodus as well as looked forward to the Messiah.  The Last Meal that Jesus had with his disciples in Luke 22:7-38 was a Seder/Passover Meal and is where Jesus washed the disciples feet and gave us the Sacrament of Holy Communion. 

For 2020 we had originally planned on having a church family Seder Meal together, but as we all know things have changed and 'together' is harder. So, we invite you to join 'together' for table fellowship with the Diamond Family at their kitchen table for a Seder Meal.  You can participate by simply watching the video or you can prepare the elements to particpate with us.