Then Jesus said to his disciples, "The harvest is plentiful...

Matthew 9:37

Letter from our Pastor

The Greater Melbourne area may be the most incredible place on earth. A place of culture, commerce, opportunity, and life. Every day feels like a vacation, but it is still a place you enjoy calling home.  It’s beauty to the extreme.


Yet, amongst so much beauty and possibility there is hurt that lingers. Drug addiction and depression are on the rise. Stress and a unhappiness are the reality. 1 in 5 adults claim stress as the reason for leaving their job. And time and time again we have seen and heard how finding real community and friends feels impossible. With all that the area has to offer, many are missing the one thing that truly makes life beautiful: a relationship with Jesus.


At the end of Acts 2 it talks about the early church and how “every day the Lord added to their group those who were being saved.” Luke writes of good deeds garnering goodwill that created space for people to receive the good news and discover life in Jesus. People don't care what we know till they know that we care. We have to ask ourselves the question: are we caring for people first? We want to be a church that responds ‘yes’. A church where all are welcome and hope abounds.

God has made us all on purpose and for our purpose!

Kevin Diamond


There is something that awakens on the inside of me when I think about the opportunity in front of us. Now more than ever, I am convinced that God has brought us with a purpose to serve our city, to build a welcoming community, and to reach out with the saving love of God found in Jesus Christ. Together, creating a safe space for everyone to live, laugh, and love. That is our mission.

We understand that the only way this becomes possible is if God is in it. We need to pray like never before and believe God to do only what He can do.  It’s about obedience, it’s about passion, it’s about coming together and seeing the vision come to life.  Happiness comes from our happenings, but our joy and laughter come from Jesus.

People are hungry for hope, and we want be a part of their story. I refuse to be complacent or to wonder “what if” while there are new stories to be written. We won’t stop until every person knows the truth and grace that has transformed our lives. My hope is that this inspires you and gives you the necessary information to prayerfully consider partnering with us.

Thank you for believing in the call of the local church, for believing in His mission and for taking a risk on a group of people who believe that God is doing something in the Melbourne, FL area. The story is just beginning.

Why the Space Coast?

Even though the Bible belt of the South-East United States still has a higher than average attendance...according to Gallup* Florida is closer to states like Maryland & New Jersey in church attendance and this is even more true in East-Central Florida.

Also, the closer you get to the coasts in all areas of the United States the lower church attendance is.  In the Space Coast you have the addition of a highly scientific minded workforce and you find a place that is in high need of a relevant church plant.

However, these facts don’t scare us away but show us the need for Healthy Missional & Fruitful Churches in this area.  We find this to be exciting and exactly where God is calling us.

God opened to the door to this area when Angie’s sister, MJ Baker became the head coach of Eastern Florida College’s Women’s Basketball Team.  After visiting the area in January of 2018 it became clear that God was beginning to call the Diamond family to come alongside the Baker family to start a church there and in the upcoming months there were only “Green Lights.:  We know that the Local Church is God’s “Plan A” to reach a hurting world with the redemptive message and power of the Good News of Jesus Christ and there is NO "Plan B."  And we are ready to bring it to East-Central Florida.

Diamon Family

Why plant a Church? 

1. There are still people who don’t know Jesus.

2. To reach those that other churches aren’t.

3. To be faithful by being fruitful & multiplying.

4. It blesses the sending churches & people.

5. The work is not finished.

John 5:17,
But Jesus replied,
"My Father is always working, and so am I."

How are we doing this?

01.Serve First

This is about partnering with organizations to consistently serve our community. We want to align with organizations making a difference by providing them with people and resources to help meet needs in communities both locally and globally.

02.Build Community

This is about creating safe places for people to truly feel apart of a family. We want our communities to be the driving force of Rock Harbor FL,
we will meet in homes, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks all over our area with the purpose of loving everyone, laughing often and
doing life together.

03.Come Together

This is about gathering with purpose.  Weekends are our opportunity to come together as a community and to invite our friends and family to a safe environment. One in which all feel welcome, inspired, encouraged and challenged through worship and engaging with the Bible. This our opportunity to be launched into the week.



Fall 2018 - Spring 2019


  • Prayer without Ceasing!

  • Relocate to Melbourne Beach, FL

  • Connect With and Learn From Local Community

  • Host Social Events in Homes to Introduce Ourselves

  • Partner with Local Organizations to Serve the Region

  • Build the Launch Team

  • Develop Social Media and Web Presence

  • Launch Initial Community Groups throughout the area

  • Purchase Necessary Equipment Launch Week

  • Initiate Marketing Campaign

  • Secure Sunday Location


Fall 2019

  • Pray that Holy Spirit is leading everything we do!

  • Continue Building, Training and Developing Launch Team

  • Continue Strategic Community Outreaches

  • Provide Volunteer Descriptions for All Positions

  • Hold Practice Services

  • Initiate Week of Prayer Before Grand Opening Service

  • Hold First Official Rock Harbor Church FL Sunday

  • Initiate Love Week Project

  • Continue Community Service

  • Celebrate with Team and Supporters

Years Two & Three

  • Prayer for God’s favor & guidance!

  • Continue to be Outreached focused

  • Continue to hold Community Events

  • Continue to host Big Sundays (ex. Football Sunday)

  • Implement Discipleship Pathways

  • Implement Small Groups Ministry

  • Implement Leadership Team

  • Adopt Bylaws & Constitution

  • Year 3 become financially independent 

Future Years

The International Space Station shows that we are “Better Together” and this is a motto for the Covenant also.  The vision for this area that God has given us is to find a centralized location for administrative services to support multiple Covenant Church Plants in the region. With Kevin’s IT background & pastoral leadership we can use the support of the initial church plant to launch future churches with less overhead cost & more ministry